Classic Tips For Men To Dress Well

The younger you are the more image plays more of a roll in your life. You will value appearance above most other personal traits and this has been linked to biological evolution, so it is important in your early years to make as much of an effort as you can. As a male, especially in the professional sector, you wished to be perceived as someone that can make an impact, and the best way to portray that is by your image. Style will be one of the tools you will use to create a positive and dominant figure. It is very important to have self confidence as this is the way you carry yourself and wear your clothes. Wear them with pride and with attitude. That being said, here are some tips you can use to quickly make an improvement on your next meeting.


1. First off, you must keep your clothes in good order, there is no point having wonderful, expensive clothes if they are dirty or in poor condition. So wash them well, repair them if damaged. 


2. Get your clothes to fit your shape. You want to have them not too tight, but also not to loose. If is critical when buying clothes that they are fit for a king.


3. Get some accessories to really embellish your clothes. Opt for a simple but powerful watch, add a tie when wearing a shirt, place a simple pocket square in your suit to make the whole thing pop with colour.


4. Own a pair of decent, well maintained and clean shoes. Make sure you have black and brown shoes as these are the staple neutral colours that will go with most outfits.


5. Stay classic and try to avoid fashion trends that are likely to change as often as the seasons. The last thing you want to happen is spending a whole bunch of money on some trendy jacket, only to have it look silly a year later.


Nail your first impressions next time you are at a black tie event. It doesn't have to just be a wedding to wear a suit, you can suit up more often then you think, and next time you do make sure to add this amazing red check pocket square to the outfit.




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