Firefighter Brings Puppy Back To Life! A Week Later, Owner Surprises Him With…

This firefighter was changed after this dog owner left him with the ultimate surprise after the dog spared heroics last week.
After working in the fire department all his life, 37-year-old Ken Olson is no stranger to hard work. From community projects to fire safety at local schools in the hometown of Cape Town, Minter has been a community servant for decades.
"It's in my blood now," said Ken. "Whether it's my family or my city, I'm always there when people need me!"
So it did not come as a surprise when Ken Brave went into a burning home to save the neighbor's 4 year old dog, Lucy. With zero visibility, the chances of finding this little puppy were not in his favor. 7 minutes in rescue, hope was almost lost to Ken was seen crawling out of smoke with Lucy in his arms!
But the story does not end there when the dog did not breathe and was thought dead. Ken automatically began performing CPR on the dog when miraculously, 2 minutes later, the dog began to breathe. The dog owner, Taylor Stuart, could not stop crying tears of joy when everyone was happy.
Really a good moment for such a stressful day. Taylor could never have imagined how she could ever refund Ken back not only to save Lucy, but bring her back to life! Up to a week later, the lucky wheel hit her again.
We loved hearing this article so much and thank the Daily News for sharing this,  here is a gift from us!

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