His Parent’s Look At His iPhone And They Can’t Hold Back Their Surprise

A man has given his parents the surprise of all surprises when he handed them his iPhone with some breathtaking news.

Mark has always been a bit of a joker so his parents are used to his surprises and practical jokes. Nothing satisfies Mark more than recording the reaction of his parents and sharing it with the world and this recording is probably the icing on the cake.

Returning home for the holiday season Mark approached his parents in the kitchen of their house where the whole family had been celebrating Christmas together.

Days ago Mark had learned some news from his girlfriend that the young couple were expecting a new arrival to their family but had kept it secret until this moment.

When Mark handed his Mum and Dad his iPhone and told them to tell him what they thought of this image he had displaying they immediately hit the roof with excitement.

Mark had captured an ultrasound picture onto the display of his phone revealing, in a totally unexpected moment, that his parents were about to become first time grandparents.

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As you might imagine it was a beautiful holiday season for Mark and his family this year and he had given them the best present of all.

We hope you enjoyed seeing their reaction as much as we did!

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