Scarf Maintenance

Double Sided Wool Silk Royal Blue & Red Polka Paisley & Glen Check Scarves by Fort BelvedereRed Burgundy and Blue Scarf Double Sided Wool Silk by Fort Belvedere

Once you are done wearing your scarf, fold it and let it lay flat or hang, but don’t just stuff it on your coat pocket. We find folding is the easiest, most convenient way. When you are out and about, hang the scarf over the coat hanger and don’t just stuff it in your sleeve because that’s how most scarves get lost. If your scarf gets wrinkles, you can steam iron it gently at low heat. If you want to ensure not to ruin the surface, use a thin cotton cloth in between the iron and the scarf. Sometime simple steam from a steamer or an iron will do the trick.

Don’t wash your scarves in the laundry, even though some newer machines have gentle cycles and cashmere programs. Either bring them to the dry-cleaner or handwash the scarf using supersaturated liquid soap. Gently press the water from washed cashmere (do not wring it) and let it air-dry hanging up. The weight of the water will ensure it will dry wrinkle-free. Do not put it in the clothes dryer!


Scarves have long been an integral and important part of neckwear for both men and women. Today, just as in past years, the scarf is an exceptionally popular way for men to add personal flair to their wardrobe. While women are blessed with a multitude of accessories, we as men tend to have a more traditional wardrobe that prevents our personality from shining through. Scarves, in addition to providing warmth, are an exceptional way to enhance a wardrobe and add that personality to your attire.

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